Vauth-Sagel honoured at the ICONIC AWARDS

Vauth-Sagel honoured at the ICONIC AWARDS

With the ICONIC AWARDS 2019: Innovative Interior, the German Design Council honours “the best from all areas of interior design”. This year, there was a new product from Vauth-Sagel amongst the products which met the demanding selection criteria of the jury. VS SUB Comfort emerged from the collaboration with Rietberger Möbelwerke – and brings a new dimension of convenience into the furniture.

Every year, the German Design Council selects the best products from the world of interior design. The ICONIC AWARDS 2019: Innovative Interior were presented in a ceremony at the start of imm cologne on 13th January 2019 at the Kölnischer Kunstverein. This year, an award went to a new product from Vauth-Sagel. The innovation and ambitiously designed storage space solution VS SUB Comfort was amongst the products that the jury selected from more than 500 entries. “After receiving a series of awards last year for CORNERSTONE MAXX and VS ENVI Toolbox, we are delighted that our new product is joining this success story,” says Georg Wittenbrink, Senior Product Manager for the Living Division at Vauth-Sagel. “Our ambition is to meet the highest standards with respect to comfort and design – and awards like this show us that our strategy is paying off.“

The goal of the renowned ICONIC Awards: Innovative Interior is to discover and honour the best from all areas of interior design. The competition is aimed at all companies in the interior design industry. The jury, which consists of representatives from the areas of design, trade and the media, pursues an integrated design standard, in which every individual element aids an integrated presentation of living environments.

This standard was also pursued by Vauth-Sagel and Rietberger Möbelwerke in their initial collaboration. The goal was to make access to the lower part of the storage space easier. To achieve this, two pull-out shelves are automatically extended when the cupboard doors are opened. The intelligent kinematics uses the rotary movement of the doors, which means that the run-out speed of the pull-out shelves increases and slows down equally gently over the entire extension path. Afterwards, the top shelf can be pushed in intuitively without an additional trigger and thus also allows optimum access to the lowest level of the storage space. When the doors are closed, the unit is automatically retracted again.

In addition to these sophisticated technical properties, Georg Wittenbrink also points out the additional advantages of VS SUB Comfort: “The storage space solution is a consistent realisation of Rietberger Möbelwerke’s system concept. It can be used in all cabinet sizes and collections.”

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