Titus at KBIS Las Vegas

I. Snap&Go. Save time with T-type hinge
FastFix hinge cup and pie-cut corner hinge are the latest additions to the popular and successful T-type hinge range.
FastFix hinge cup features pre-mounted 8mm diameter expanding dowels that enable precise tool-free insertion and hold the hinge cup accurately in place until the dowels are tightened, making hinge attachment quick and easy. Triple-start screws provide additional time savings. T-type pie-cut corner hinge offers full door opening to 170º, giving easy access to cabinet interiors. And, when both doors are opened, the first is locked at 25º to the second so that both move away from the user and are prevented from hitting adjacent cabinets. The pie-cut hinge uses a standard 35mm diameter drilling pattern and needs no edge drilling. All T-type hinges feature a unique 3Way snap-on mounting plate that allows intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting in three directions. This makes it faster and easier to mount cabinet doors, even in tall cabinets where four or more hinges per door are needed.
II. Quickfit ‘Full Metal Jacket’ makes strong connections in multiple materials
High performance Quickfit TL5 ‘Full Metal Jacket’ dowel has outstanding pull-out resistance and provides optimum strength and performance in MDF, chipboard and solid wood – without the need for wooden dowels.
Its expanding steel sleeve gives reliable engagement in 5mm diameter dowel holes, allowing the use of tool-less Quickfit insertion technology across a wide range of applications. TL5 dowel is also highly tolerant of drilling inaccuracy.
III. Tekform slimline drawer optimises space utilisation
Ideally suited to the demanding high-end kitchen and bathroom furniture market, the new slimline version of the popular Tekform double-wall drawers, which has side panels that are just 14mm wide, combines attractive sleek appearance with greater usable space in a given size of drawer.
The new version uses the same drilling patterns for runners as the standard version of Tekform drawer, ensuring easy interchangeability and flexibility in use.

IV. Titusoft SD100s adds soft closing to sliding doors
The Titusoft SD100s soft closing mechanism for bottom-running sliding doors takes up no space in the cabinet, because it fits entirely within the runner rail. The mechanism is non-handed and features a patented double-stage spring that minimises pull-out force and ensures effortless door opening.
The SD100s, which can be installed during furniture assembly or retrofitted later, incorporates a Titus damper that provides reliable ConfidentClose soft closing action for the life of the furniture. Titusoft SD100s is now available with Set 200, a new sliding door mechanism that combines convenient mounting with reliable and silent functioning.

V. Dampers reduce noise and improve safety in household appliances
Titus dampers, with their easily customisable modular design, offer an ideal solution for designers of household appliances who are facing challenges such as limited space availability, high loads, fluctuating temperatures and frequent operation.
The hydraulic technology used in the dampers performs consistently from -20 to +150 ºC and, through customisation, Titus can fine tune the damping force, stroke and damping characteristics to exactly match the needs of the application.
Titus reports strong growth
Titus achieved sales of €140 million in 2017/18, an increase of 12 per cent over the previous year. This outstanding performance reflects positive developments in all three of the company’s major international markets: Europe, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region, and follows an impressive four-year period of growth during which the company doubled its turnover.

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