Titus acquires Precision Plastics, Columbia City, IN

Titus acquires Precision Plastics, Columbia City, IN

Titus Group, the world’s leader in supplying high-volume cabinet hardware componentry, announces the acquisition of Precision Plastics in Columbia City, Indiana. Precision Plastics brings over 60 years of manufacturing experience and a long history supplying the automotive sector. The combination will enhance Titus’ capabilities by providing added capacity to meet their current customers’ needs. Titus Group North America CEO Matthew Hurley says: “We have looked at opportunities to onshore more of our manufacturing in the United States for quite some time. We look forward to welcoming Precision Plastics’ team and supporting them with investment in current and new programs. The introduction of Titus Group’s proprietary zinc metal and automation capabilities will now enable us todevelop a wider range of customer specific solutions locally.” In 2021 Titus Group provided over three billion connectors, and functional hardware components to the worldwide furniture, kitchen and appliance industries. Titus is a leader in OEM supply ofdamping engineering. Titus Group Chairman, Robert Appleby says: “Titus is no stranger to US manufacturing. In the 1980’s Titus established itself on the West Coast as a connector manufacturer for the RTA furniture industry. The addition of Precision Plastic’s experienced plastic engineering team to the Titus Group’s current US logistics center and customer support staff which have been established in the Midwest for many years enables us to introduce new products from new processes and enhance our deliverycapabilities to all our North American customers.” To discuss how our new Titus operations can improve competitiveness for your business live and in person, schedule a dedicated appointment with one of our experts at KBIS 2022 through our website at www.titusplus.com or send us an email at info@titusplus.com.

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Titus Group

The UK owned Titus Group develops, manufactures and markets innovative precision component solutions that improve competitiveness of its customers in various industries. Through innovative product design, high-volume manufacturing expertise and efficient service it enables business partners to improve their productivity and quality as well as reduce costs of assembly, manufacturing and other processes. The majority of the Company’s turnover comes from its core activity, the production of furniture connectors, concealed hinges and furniture damping. The precision engineering competence gained in the field of furniture hardware has been applied to other areas: multi-purpose damping technology, automated assembly systems, tooling, precision die casting service and ultrasound fastening technology in various industries such as furniture, home appliances, automotive, medical devices and hardware.

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