The Endurance Diamond Joint Finger Cutter

The Endurance Diamond Joint Finger Cutter

Jasper, IN – 2 years ago Peak Toolworks introduced the woodworking industry to a new PCD grade. That led to developing yet another industry innovation to the many decades of HSS finger joint knife usage.  It is also a contender in this year’s IWF Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award ®.  A game changer. 

Peak Toolworks is introducing the Endurance Diamond Finger Joint Cutter, it increases productivity with less maintenance.  This tool is strong enough to cut through all types of solid wood materials, including wood with knots or defects.  It can be used for softwoods, hardwoods, structural and non-structural work. This PCD tool does not wear out when cutting solid wood.

The diamond insert knives are designed with adjustable radial, lateral and angular run out.  They can be produced up to 19” in diameter with 16 wings, making them adaptable to any project.

The Endurance Diamond Finger Joint Cutter does not have to be sharpened between replacements, resulting in high savings in downtime and sharpening labor. Your productivity will increase, while inventory cost, rejected product and maintenance will decrease.  One customer reported a 50% savings in tooling costs.

The Endurance Diamond Finger Joint Cutter is customizable to each customer and their application. It meets Peak Toolworks high quality manufacturing standards, providing quality production and consistency from the first use to the last.  Contact us today to discuss how Peak Toolworks can collaborate with you to meet your peak performance.

Peak Toolworks is North America's largest manufacturer of engineered diamond and carbide cutting tools. Peak Toolworks (formerly NAPGladu company, rebranded since 2018) manufactures NAPGladu, General Saw, RKO, Riverside and SuperSand replacement products. Contact us to discuss how we can assist you to meet your peak performance today: 1.800.457.7468

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