Stiles Gives Industry Leaders a Rare Look Inside China’s Thriving Manufacturing Market

Stiles Gives Industry Leaders a Rare Look Inside China’s Thriving Manufacturing Market

Grand Rapids, MI, April 25, 2018 – Stiles Machinery hosted an exclusive tour of China’s manufacturing sector with a select group of manufacturing professionals during their recent Global Production Experience, which took place April 14-20, 2018. As one of the fastest growing markets for advanced manufacturing technology in the world, attendees were able to experience China’s innovative production processes first-hand and benchmark their own practices against a global leader.

The tour proved to be an inspiration as well as a call to action for these North American manufacturers. During the week-long trip across eastern China, guests of the Global Production Experience witnessed a country immersed in growth and a thriving manufacturing sector working to meet massive market demands generated by China’s rapidly growing population.

The Global Production Experience included stops at six industry-leading kitchen, closet, and furniture manufacturing facilities each showcasing highly automated and optimized process flows responsible for China’s unparalleled achievements in mass production. The facilities were comprised of multiple buildings, floors and production lines that utilized automated technologies and work cells for high-production, one-piece flow customization.

China’s aggressive business plans and growth strategies are unprecedented to most North American manufacturers. Their unique ability to adopt new technologies and automation practices was a source of both inspiration and motivation for tour attendees who received a unique insight into how North American manufacturers can not only keep up but compete in the global arena.

The Global Production Experience is just one example of the many production tours Stiles hosts both nationally and internationally throughout the year to give their customer’s an inside look at global trends and keep them on the forefront of innovation. Another popular tour is Stiles’ annual European Benchmarking Tour, which takes guests across Europe to some of the top manufacturing facilities in the world.

For more information about the Global Production Experience in China, or Stiles’ other upcoming production tours and events, visit .


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