Profol Cast Polypropylene Film Changes the Face of Furniture

Profol Cast Polypropylene Film Changes the Face of Furniture

Profol Americas, a 30-year leader in the manufacture of cast polypropylene and polyethylene films, has expanded its offerings to include a sustainable and durable film laminate for the furniture panel and cabinetry market.

Profol recognized the value of its film for the furniture and cabinet industry due to its ease of printing, lay-flat characteristics and its 100% moisture barrier. Profol cast polypropylene film is non-toxic, impact-resistant and has excellent bonding capabilities to a variety of substrates. UV topcoat and primed glue side are also options.

Profol decorative furniture film is available in a wide array of colors and embossed textures. The embossed films aide in both resisting scratches and hiding mottling that may occur with imperfect substrates.

Polypropylene delivers the functionality of other furniture film polymers such as PVC and typically with a much shorter lead time. According to Scott Bruner, director of sales for Profol, “Polypropylene is highly versatile and is quickly rising to the forefront as the laminating film of choice for the furniture and cabinet markets. Its recyclability is in high demand from both manufacturers and consumers.”

About Profol:

Profol is a global leader in cast polypropylene (CPP) film and sheet. Since the company’s beginning in 1980, Profol has expanded to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cast polypropylene films used in an ever-increasing list of commercial products. With locations in Europe, the Americas and Asia, Profol operates some of the most advanced cast extrusion facilities in the world. They have more than 500 employees who produce over 100,000 metric tons of plastic film and sheet products each year. Profol Americas is a member of the Composite Panel Association. Learn more at

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