Peak Toolworks Is Celebrating 80 Years!

Peak Toolworks Is Celebrating 80 Years!

Worldwide, everyone is leaving 2020 behind and looking forward to a fresh start in a brand new year. Peak Toolworks is doing the same in 2021: Celebrating 80 years in the carbide and diamond tooling industry!

From the humble beginnings of North American Products (NAP, 1941), becoming NAPGladu (2006) and after nine (9) other successful acquisitions (2012-2017), the company is stronger than ever as Peak Toolworks (2018).

In a conversation with the CEO and President of Peak Toolworks, Kerry Baskins had this to say, ““It is a thrilling milestone for any company to say they have been in business for 80 years. Peak Toolworks started on the innovation, vision, and hard work of Mr. Arthur Segal. He originally designed the use of carbide blades for the high speed cutting of metal to support the war effort.  Over the years the business has grown and prospered through many generations of employees. They have remained dedicated to ensuring we deliver the highest quality tools, consistently, and on time.”  

Mr. Baskins also added, “More than ever, in this 80th year we find ourselves in an amazing situation where demand for our products remains strong and our opportunity to leverage technology and innovation has never been better.”  In 2021, Peak is excited to continue its focus on investing in innovative technology, modern production processes and providing the best professionals to pioneer the future of the industry. 

Peak Toolworks offers unparalleled industry value through the best manufactured product, the best service and delivering a high-quality customer experience every time. They also provide a variety of custom tooling. Customers recently graded Peak Toolworks with excellent ratings.  Peak continues to strive and provide a world-class experience.

You can find this company culture throughout the whole organization, following Mr. Baskins leadership: “At Peak, we have identified our True North for the coming years:  To continue to grow our business profitably but, to also ensure that our customers regard us as one of their very best suppliers and our employees wake up every morning and come to a ‘best place to work.’” 

Peak Toolworks’ sales staff is 2021 ready to answer your tooling questions. Peak Toolworks is the industry leader in providing technical engineering assistance for your custom solutions.

Peak Toolworks is North America’s largest manufacturer of engineered diamond and carbide cutting tools, how can we help you reach your Peak today?

Learn more at, join our social media pages and contact us anytime at 1.800.457.7468 or (French customers can reach us directly at: 1.800.363.9117 or

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