OVVO® launches V-1230 Drilling Range to greatly extend range of applications for its award-winning Connection system

OVVO®, creator of the innovative, award-winning, INVISIBLE connection system, is excited to announce the launch of the V-1230 Drilling range, in direct response to customer and machining requirements.   The new connector is designed with current manufacturing processes in mind, and incorporates a new patent pending design on the pins; these unique patentable features enable the connectors to hold themselves within the panel material using standard 32mm centred 8mm holes, without the use of tools or glue – maintaining OVVOs’ tool & glue-free ease of assembly philosophy. The new connectors also retain the revolutionary “Push<Click>Connect” concept that has been widely acclaimed within the woodworking industry globally.

There are three new products in the V-1230 Drilling range, a releasable version with 25mm leg, a permanent version with 20mm legs and a permanent version with 10mm legs, each of which greatly extends the range of materials, industries and applications in which OVVO® can be used, and will amplify the scale of efficiencies that manufacturers will achieve when OVVO® is incorporated into production/manufacturing processes.   All products are available to order now.

OVVO® is now fully accessible to every level of the industry, from large scale, CNC-equipped, manufacturer to DIY-enthusiast.   Architects, interior designers and clients associated with prestige construction projects in both residential and commercial property sectors are increasingly seeking more flexibility in design, and OVVO® can inspire a wider range of design possibilities.  

The range of applications that manufacturers are finding for OVVO® continues to increase, and the benefits and efficiencies that OVVO® brings to customers are continually being proven: this invisible, tool-free connection system not only saves customers time and money, driven by increased production efficiencies, reduced product assembly times and reduced shipping and transportation costs, but also provides customers with a differentiated product or service that allows them develop significant competitive advantage in their industry channels.

OVVO® inventor Sean Phillips said “we are extremely excited to bring to market our truly disruptive connection system in a totally new format that widens the range of applications to which OVVO® can bring a unique set of design possibilities and production efficiencies”.

The NEW OVVO® V-1230 Drilling connection range is available now.  Be inspired to connect – call us on +353(42) 9370070, or e-mail us at sales@ovvotech.com  for further information.



OVVO® has been trading since 2014.   The OVVO® Connection system is a unique, patented solution that allows two pieces of material to join together without the use of tools, glues or screws.   It is an invisible solution that delivers a tightly held bond between the two materials being joined.   The product is manufactured in Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland.   It has been awarded numerous prestigious awards including The Irish Times Innovation Award (Manufacturing Category) 2014, an Interzum Award for High Quality Design in 2015, and the MTP Gold Medal at Drema International Fair in 2016.   Best of the best award, Interzum 2017 and a further High Quality Design award for the V-1230 range at Interzum in 2019.

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