Open to possibilities. Open to design. Open to collaboration. Introducing Treefrog Open.

Open to possibilities. Open to design. Open to collaboration. Introducing Treefrog Open.

Introducing Treefrog Open, new prefinished real wood veneer laminates that are open to all your design possibilities. Eminently specifiable, breathtakingly beautiful, and wonderfully consistent, Treefrog Open includes 9 new trending neutrals in white oak and grey oak, as well as several shades of walnut.

Many of these new veneer laminates feature Treefrog’s popular “groove” texture, a deeper and more authentic wood feel. Treefrog Open offers several distinctive fine grain wood looks and also, wider, planked veneers.

All Treefrog veneers offer a consistent and reliable selection in design spaces of any size, which means that sheet after sheet will look the same, which is important in large spaces, and multi-location projects like retail stores, restaurant chains, hotel rooms, cabinetry and anyplace where consistency in appearance is important.

Plus, our unique process uses faster growing, and more commonly occurring tree species to create the look of more exotic and sometimes endangered tree species without having to harvest those trees.

What’s more, Treefrog is made in Italy, and is manufactured to European workplace and environmental standards. It’s stocked in the USA by Treefrog and generally readily available through our nationwide distributor network.

All wood used is of certified origin, and FSC® custom options are available. 4’ x 8’ and 4’ x 10’ size, depending on item.

Visit to learn more. Treefrog is brought to you by the same company who provides Chemetal and InteriorArts laminates.

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