New Vortex 8000 Series HSK63F Integrated V-Groove Cutter

New Vortex 8000 Series HSK63F Integrated V-Groove Cutter

Vortex now offers the reliable performance of our 7000 series V-groove in an Integrated tool design.  This design eliminates the need to purchase a dedicated collet and toolholder for a shank style tool.  It also provides greater accuracy for precise V-groove cuts.  The machined seat pocket increases location surfaces for easy insert replacement and assures repeatability over other designs. The tool body comes with the necessary insert, screws, and wrench.

8065 – 45°/90° integrated HSK 63F v-groove tool

8080 – 22.5°/45° integrated HSK 63F v-groove tool

8085 – 30°/60° integrated HSK 63F v-groove tool

8090 – 60°/120° integrated HSK 63F v-groove tool

For more information about Vortex’s sharpening services and their complete line of tooling, visit or contact Vortex Tool Company, 5605 East Jelinek Avenue, Schofield, WI  54476 Phone 1-800-355-7708 or 715-355-7707 Fax 715-355-7353.

MJB Wood Group Aligns Goals at Annual Meeting

The MJB leadership team is spending time in Golden, CO meeting with board members and owners from the Coors Family. This meeting allows our team to get together and converse about industry and company projections, technology, marketing, and future plans for MJB, as well as spend time connecting with VPs and Directors from other segments of the company, ensuring synergy through 2022 and beyond.

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Plaudits for CPA Spring Meeting

The Composite Panel Association’s recent spring meeting received high marks from the roughly 300 attendees representing nearly 110 companies who traveled to Orange County, California, following two years of virtual sessions.

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Closets Expo Opens Doors

The laminated panel and surfaces industry was well represented at the annual Closets Conference & Expo, held April 27-29 at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California.

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