Machines and lines for excellent surfaces – Hymmen-technologies at the IWF 2018 in Atlanta

Machines and lines for excellent surfaces – Hymmen-technologies at the IWF 2018 in Atlanta

Bielefeld, 2018, May 25th – Come and meet Hymmen GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau at the IWF in Atlanta from August 22th to 25th August 2018. At booth 6441 in building B you can see multiple fields of application opened up by Hymmen technologies.

Hymmen is dedicated to engineer and build machines and lines for excellent surfaces. The companies´ experts are looking forward to presenting the latest innovative technologies, trends and developments of Hymmen. Whether it’s the newly developed high-gloss technology in the double belt press sector, the Calander Coating Inert (CCI) or industrial digital printing – Hymmen technologies have cornered the market for surface finishing. One of the key innovations is the independent digital printing system for up to 3-mm-thick edge banding material. In addition, the Digital Lacquer Embossing (DLE) is Hymmen´s response to a clear customer need for the look and feel of a surface to match. For this innovation the European patent was recently granted.

With the technology of the Digital Lacquer Embossing a transparent liquid medium is printed into a layer of non-cured core lacquer. It is done by InkJet, using the proven technology of the Hymmen JUPITER Digital Printing Lines. Physical and chemical reactions cause the deep and unique structures, which are in-register (EIR) with the printed décor.

This technology awards all commercial and technical benefits of the established digital single pass printing by Hymmen. E.g. flexibility, small changeover times and individualization. With a width from 70mm up to 2.100mm the technology can be integrated into exiting process chains easily. By only using a small amount of the structuring medium all proven features like hardness, bonding, resistance and chemical reliability of the core lacquer are assured. Last but not least certainly it is possible to create structures that are embossed in register (EIR) to the decor of the surface – no matter if printed digitally or analog.

See and feel for yourself the wide range of potential applications for end products made from our equipment. The Hymmen-team looks forward to discussing your individual requirements over a cup of coffee. It will be possible to demonstrate interesting details with product samples and extensive media support.

Fig. 1: Product Samples of Digital Lacquer Embossing (DLE) by Hymmen

Fig. 2: Hymmen JUPITER Digital Printing Line for digital print on edgebands (l.) and
Digital Lacquer Embossing (DLE) (r.)

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