Leading lumber distributor now offers StevensWood TFL

Leading lumber distributor now offers StevensWood TFL

National Wood Products of Southern California has introduced an eco-friendly alternative to traditional hardwoods. The latest product line manufactured by StevensWood is a textured thermally fused laminate that features a premium level of hardness, durability, stain and scratch resistance, and color stability.

The new “green” thermofused panels also assure the same look and feel of conventional hardwood yet at a more affordable price, said Chris Dennis, regional manager of National Wood Products.

“We recently made a commitment to become the distributor for StevensWood textured melamine panels in Southern California. Their thermofused melamine panels are an environment-friendly and cost-effective product that designers and product development teams prefer to use in designing a high-end, wood-looking product,” Dennis said.

StevensWood’s textured TFL panel features a composite wood-based panel layered with a decorative paper layer that has been thermally fused both to the top and bottom surfaces of the panel. The result is a highly durable and eco-friendly panel used by top designers all over the world. It’s a Green Gold Certified product because the materials used are 100 percent recycled and recovered or they are GRN+ non-added formaldehyde core materials. 

The latest European décor-inspired melamine panels assure a large number of applications, including paneling, casework, interior closets, cabinetry, furniture for both home and office as well as millwork finishes for shop or job sites,” Dennis said.   

“These state of the art high-impact surfaces will render a spectacular edge to your furniture with complementary high pressure laminate sheets that are perfect for post-laminating, countertops, post-form doors and tops,” he said.

Dennis noted what National Wood Products believes sets StevensWood textured TFL apart:

  • Aesthetic appearance with panels available in various solid colors, surface textures and wood grains.
  • Highly durable and long lasting.
  • Easy fabrication makes in-shop manufacturing and on-site installation quicker and more affordable.
  • Highly economical and less expensive compared to other forms of decorative products such as high pressure laminate 

National Wood Products is offering StevensWood textured TFL in two major collections—Legno and Artika & Rain.

The Legno Collection represents a sync of pattern and texture with its dual-sided surfaces and textured-match grains.

The Artika & Rain Collection boasts trendy realistic patterns and enhanced textures, matching up with the modern lifestyle. Artika panels are great for a wider textured look, while those who want a tighter texture will prefer the Rain panels.  

For more information, please visit https://nwpsocal.com/blog/stevenswood-thermofused-tfl/.

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