Laminates are worthy of your love

Laminates are worthy of your love

We know laminates are in it for the long haul; Formica tables from the 50s are still being used for the annual sauce and sausage weekend at Nonna’s, so it’s easy to love this robust material for its ability to stand the test of time whilst looking perfectly retro.

It is undeniable that each and every one of us interacts with laminate on a daily basis; whether at home or in our workplace, its versatility and durability make it worth the relationship.

In recent times, laminate has became less desirable than stone counters. It was given this image of being a less glamorous pedestrian product, combined with the perception of a start-up cheap choice if you couldn’t afford an expensive alternative.

However, trends and the availability of finishes will no doubt turn your head to this versatile beauty.


Here’s three reasons to love laminate:


Dollar for dollar value, you can’t beat the durability and cost of laminate.

It is worth a mention that you could in all likelihood change your countertop three or four times in a laminate before you reached the same cost as a composite.


Laminate is like the best relationship you’ve ever had; this guy doesn’t let you down.

It’s easy to clean, looks good and shines bright for years with the appropriate allocation of care and love.

Consumer reports tested multiple brands on the market and found laminates resisted, stains, heat and impact almost as well as higher cost materials.

Regardless of the manufacturer, they stand up quality-wise to their more expensive competitors.

Utilising laminates throughout your project could mean the ability to afford more expensive tapware, which ultimately elevates the beauty of your project.


I suggest laminates are like Play-Doh to designers.

With the combination of the above desirable qualities, it is available in countless colours, textures and finishes that allow you to quite literally be a kid in a candy store.

I’m currently obsessing over matte finishes; their smooth soft-to-the-touch texture is so darn sexy, and combined with the fingerprint-resistance, it keeps the sexy going after your kids have pawed their way through the room.

Looking to create a feature in your master bedroom? A laminate timber-look wall can bring the five-star vibe. Laminates can be employed to create custom design and patterns.

I would suggest a visit to Home Base to check out the extensive collection of laminates on the market.

Don’t be mad at me when you can’t decide which one to select; it is an undeniably loveable material with endless possibilities.

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