LACH Universal PCD sharpening machine »Dia-2200-mini« with new super program at GrindTec, Augsburg/Germany

LACH Universal PCD sharpening machine »Dia-2200-mini« with new super program at GrindTec, Augsburg/Germany

New at GrindTec, Augsburg/Germany

March 14th – 17th, 2018 – Hall 1 – Booth 1065

Universal PCD Sharpening Machine »Dia-2200-mini«

New: With Super Program for Milling Extreme Axis Angles

The versatility of the spark grinding machine »Dia-2200-mini« for production and service of diamond tools for the wood and composite industry is already legendary.

Its universal 5-CNC axis system is designed for the automatic sharpening of diamond tools and saw blades with up to 530 mm diameter.

The »Dia-2200-mini« combines sharpening programs for new production and service of Dia end mills and Dia jointing cutters with and without axis angles, Dia scoring saws, Dia saw blades (all tooth types) as well as – at no additional cost – profiling programs (contour-controlled with copper electrode or in-feed with graphite electrode).

The program for multiple production is also available at no additional cost – automatic sharpening of multiple Dia tools or, for example, axis angle jointing cutters.

For the first time, LACH DIAMOND will present a new axis angle program at GrindTec which allows for extreme axis angles of more than 45° during production and service.

A decisive factor for the development of this program was the tremendous increase in the variety of different materials during recent years.

One example: Fiber composites are currently booming – glass fibers (GRP) in the recreational industry, carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) in aircraft manufacturing or agricultural machine industry and now also basalt fabrics in the automobile industry.

In the furniture industry, the “zero joint” due to new machine technologies, should be mentioned.

The universal grinding machine »Dia-2200-mini« is equipped for these challenges during new production and service of tools with this program for extreme axis angles. During the subsequent use of the tools, impeccable milling results and flawless surfaces can be expected for composite work pieces, without any reworking being required.

More information and, most notably, the demonstration on the »Dia-2200-mini« during GrindTec will be given in hall 1, booth 1065.

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