KOMO Aims for a Prosperous Future at Recent Sales Meeting

KOMO Aims for a Prosperous Future at Recent Sales Meeting

Lakewood, NJ October 2018

Komo Machine Inc. (KOMO) hosted another successful Sales Meeting this month. The elite group of sales team members gathered to review the successes of 2018 and discuss strategic plans for next year.

President Mike Kolibas and Vice President Jeff Erickson congratulated the group on a productive year as well as emphasized the importance of working towards significant growth in 2019. It was recognized that the team’s hard work and dedication resulted in continued sales growth with significant profit.

Goals for next year include promoting the newest product introduction – The Flex Series – and continuing to grow market share. Key upgrades in logistics and operations, continued marketing and advertising efforts, as well as the addition of new employee positions will all play a vital role in KOMO’s future growth. All of these efforts will positively impact brand awareness, customer service, tech support, and lead times.

KOMO Machine Inc. designs and manufactures an entire line of highquality precision computer numerically controlled (CNC) routers and machining centers. All of KOMO’s products are manufactured in the USA and are designed and supported by a highly skilled team of individuals. KOMO has produced more than 3,500 CNC machines for the USA and serves International markets throughout the world with an extensive list of satisfied customers.

We Are Bigger and Stronger Together

Akhurst Machinery is pleased to announce the addition of a new branch in Anaheim, California, which will support the growing customer base serviced by Akhurst and its subsidiary divisions of Cantek and Leadermac.

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Toppan Develops Temperature Logger Label for Long-Distance Transportation

Toppan, a global leader in communication, security, packaging, décor materials, and electronics solutions, has developed a thin, card-sized temperature logger label that enables temperature to be measured and recorded at regular intervals and data to be sent to a database via wireless networks.

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Virginia Tech Completes Tower with Modern Low-Carbon Timber

A team of students and faculty at Virginia Tech has completed an innovative observation tower in rural Virginia. The design and delivery of the project saw the development and certification of a new custom timber product, off-site prefabrication, and the discovery of the ruins of a historic building, according to the School of Architecture + Design at Virginia Tech.

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