Innovative New Material from New Leaf Performance Veneers Aims to Replace Traditional Wood Veneer in High-Performance Commercial Applications

Innovative New Material from New Leaf Performance Veneers Aims to Replace Traditional Wood Veneer in High-Performance Commercial Applications

There’s no denying the appeal of natural materials. Yet, nature has its limits – especially in high-impact commercial applications. That’s why New Leaf Performance Veneers, a Wilsonart company, has introduced a whole new category of veneered surface to overcome the challenges of traditional wood veneers.

New Leaf Performance Veneers delivers a sought-after combination of natural beauty with consistent style, availability and performance – defying the signs of wear that age traditional veneers quickly. The state-of-the-art product offer specifiers natural wood looks along with the trusted quality and service they’ve come to expect from the Wilsonart family of brands.

Beautifully Predictable Performance 
Developed for use in commercial applications including furniture, architectural doors, wall panels and case goods, New Leaf Performance Veneers take the depth and dimension of natural wood grain and elevates it to a level of consistency and performance unimaginable with traditional veneers.

Each New Leaf veneered surface is an exact replica of an authentic natural veneer. A protective performance layer is applied to the top of the pre-finished engineered veneer and integrated throughout its layers to protect it against sunlight, water, impact and other elements that cause traditional veneers to age so quickly. This revolutionary topcoat makes New Leaf three times more fade resistant, four times more scratch and wear resistant, eight times more dent resistant and 14 times more impact resistant than traditional veneers.

Available in 37 different wood species, veneer cut and stain combinations, designers can choose looks ranging from classic to contemporary to luxury. Advanced printing technologies reproduce the nuances of each species with precise accuracy, while the same exclusive topcoat that gives New Leaf its revolutionary performance also refracts light in a way that allows the depth and clarity of the woodgrain to show through, maintaining its natural beauty. The result is a beautifully predictable veneered surface that is consistent from sheet to sheet, order to order and year to year.

“New Leaf Performance Veneers is excited to bring a whole new category of beautiful, durable veneered surfaces to the market,” said Andrew Evans, Director of Product and Marketing Strategy for New Leaf. “These products provide specifiers with an abundance of cut and stain combinations for high-performance commercial applications.”

About New Leaf Performance Veneers
New Leaf Performance Veneers is a new company backed by the resources and reputation of Wilsonart. The company manufactures and distributes a full line of engineered performance veneer surfaces for commercial applications. Created to overcome the unpredictability of traditional wood veneers, beautifully predictable New Leaf Performance Veneers are available in 37 different wood species, veneer cut and stain combinations that range from classic styles to contemporary choices to luxury looks. To learn more, visit

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