High technology and innovation for wooden houses with the new SCM Oikos X

SCM North America at the International Mass Timber Conference to outline its state-of-the-art technological solutions, including the new CNC machining center for the timber construction industry

SCM, leader for secondary woodworking technologies, will attend the International Mass Timber Conference, to take place from March 19-21 in Portland, Oregon in order to examine the new face of mass timber construction.

Solidly backed by the experience it has matured over ten years in this specific sector, SCM will provide its contribution. An in-depth knowledge of this industry’s demands which, together with intense R&D work and solidity of a brand like SCM, has led to state-of-the-art technological solutions, including  Oikos X, the new CNC machining center for manufacturing structural beams, X-lam/CLT wall panels, and insulating panels.  During the event, Tommaso Martini, Business Unit Manager of CNC machining centers for timber construction, and the SCM North America team will outline the strong points of Oikos X, starting from the 6-axis machining head unit that allows any machining operation on all sides of the component with no rotation or repositioning required and in reduced space, achieving high standards of precision and productivity.

The construction of large-scale structures and private, residential and public buildings is growing constantly at a worldwide level and numerous well-known companies in countries where timber construction is particularly advanced have chosen SCM’s versatile, precise and fast CNC machining center to create their projects. “Oikos X,” explains Tommaso Martini, “takes the principles widely tested on traditional SCM machining centers and applies them to the technologies for timber construction. It is the result of a process of change that involves both manufacturing partners: SCM for the timber construction machining centres and our customers, the companies who produce elements for the building industry. It is a process that seeks to constantly improve both the end product and the production process.”

Oikos X offers many other advantages, such as its clamping capacity and therefore long-term accuracy, its significantly improved work environment conditions, with its heavy duty dust containment.  Hi-tech and “smart”, the new Oikos X is also in perfect line with the needs of the 4.0 factory: it is further enhanced by Maestro beam&wall software whose strong point is its total integration with the most common CAD systems in the sector and its new multi-function, multi-touch eye-M operator panel, which facilitates daily operations significantly. Oikos X also offers an exclusive video surveillance system which allows the operator to control in real-time the entire machining process. Furthermore, it can be integrated with Maestro smartech glasses that revolutionize after-sales assistance, allowing the customer through augmented reality technology, to always have an expert on his side in every corner of the globe.

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