Häfele Unveils All-New Matt Gold Finish for Three Closet Product Lines

Häfele Unveils All-New Matt Gold Finish for Three Closet Product Lines

It’s All in How You Finish: Introducing the All-New Matt Gold Finish for Closets

  • Closet designers asked. Häfele answered.
  • Matt gold now available for Häfele’s most popular systems, components and fittings
  • All-new finish for shoe fences, mirrors, wardrobe tubes, pull-outs and much more

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, May 17, 2018 – Designers and owners want—no, they demand—choice in the components they use to build their perfect closet. That means an assortment which offers flexibility of use, reliable everyday performance and finishes which compliment or embolden your designs. And while Häfele America Co., one of America’s leading suppliers of closet organization and storage components, already had the product range covered, there was still more to add. As of today, Häfele’s ENGAGE Closet & Storage System, Signature Collection Wardrobe Tubes & Supports and Synergy Elite Closet Components are all now available in matt gold finish.

“The addition of the gold matt finish to such a wide selection of our closet offerings is a boon for designers across the industry,” says Mae Holler category manager for Häfele. “These additions mean more choices and greater flexibility for trendsetting designers who look to Häfele every day for all their closet needs.”

ENGAGE Closet & Storage System

The ENGAGE Closet & Storage System from Häfele is one of the industry’s premier closet organization solutions. Beyond traditional elements such as drawers, closet rods and shelves, ENGAGE offers a wide array of hampers, dividers, shoe organizers, folding stations and storage boxes. This modular, stylish system can be easily used in practically any space. Most ENGAGE system components come pre-assembled, allowing for easy and efficient installation. Finishes include matt nickel frames with slate fabric, oil-rubbed bronze with beach fabric and now matt gold frames with beach fabric in standard 18”, 24”, 30” and 36” widths. Drawers are available in both regular and tall drawer front depth with matching dividers.

Signature Collection Wardrobe Tubes & Supports

Whether your designs call for wardrobe tubes with end supports or a suspended, floating aesthetic, Häfele’s Signature Collection has you covered. All wardrobe tubes include a protective cap which reduces noise, prevents scratching and allows clothes to glide from side-to-side. A wide array of finishes allows the Signature Collection entry into any closet size or scale and includes polished chrome, matt aluminum, matt nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and the all-new matt gold.

Synergy Elite Components

Synergy Elite is an assortment which offers flexibility of use, reliable everyday performance and finishes which make any design better. The Synergy Elite collection includes:

  • Tie Racks with Slides
  • Belt Racks with Slides
  • Scarf Racks with Slides
  • Fixed Accessory Hooks
  • Valets and Valet Pins
  • Shoe Fences
  • Pull-Out Mirrors
  • Tie, Belt, Coat, Broom, Waterfall and Double Hooks

Available finishes include polished chrome, matt aluminum, matt nickel, dark oil-rubbed bronze and the all-new matt gold.

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