Falling in love with complex 3D geometries again

Falling in love with complex 3D geometries again

How many times is it a love and hate game? When you need to coat a complex 3D element, the first thing that comes to mind is the time spent manually programming a sequence of trajectories which ensure both spraying efficiency and finished quality. Window frames may not put you to the test, but spraying objects such as chairs, musical instruments, helmets or flower vases will present a notable challenge when defining specific parameters.

Do you begin to hate them? Would you fall in love with them again if you could totally avoid manual programming? Think of the time saved. And imagine if you could be sure of obtaining the most efficient trajectories ensuring the best coating quality, not just once, but on every single piece.


Avoiding manual programming totally

Today’s options allow you to manually program the robot by physically guiding its spraying arms around the complex geometrical shape. The robot learns how to move and replicates the movement piece after piece. You can also program point-to-point trajectories using a software off-line, but an intelligent 3D scanner built into the spraying robot will mean you can just admire the results without even thinking of manually programming your equipment.

This is exactly what the new cVision 3D scanner provides: a solution which avoids the need to manually program your anthropomorphic robot. This means no time at all spent defining trajectories. It’s all done automatically. The cVision scanner acquires the 3D image of the piece to be coated and uses its special software to determine the best trajectories. You save time, can be sure of obtaining optimal parameters and achieve consistent coating quality from the first piece to the last.

See it for yourself

At Cefla Live our iGiotto equipment will feature the new cVision 3D scanner. Come to the world’s largest Finishing LAB Oct. 17 – 19 and fall in love with 3D objects again. Register now.

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