Durat Unveils Palace Collection at WantedDesign

Raleigh, NC – June 11, 2018 – Recently, Durat unveiled their newest line, DURAT Palace, at WantedDesign Manhattan. The collection was utilized and showcased in the Zero Waste Bistro, which hosted sold-out events throughout the week. DURAT Palace is a special collaboration between Durat and MOST Collective. The brands pushed for a new concept to introduce the utilization of pure earth colors to heighten the experience, further enchanting the DURAT “recycled to last” vision. The use of the natural pigments translates into a precious feeling rooted into something very real: Durat’s love for the planet, all with the motivation to create a sustainable and beautiful future. The collection is comprised of 12 colors.

"The Palace collection is a stunning addition to Durat's already extensive palette of over 70 vibrant colors, with the new collection furthering Durat's mission to repurpose waste into a resource,” said Jessica McNaughton, President of Caragreen. "Sleek, modern countertops are now easily achievable with Durat solid surface."

 Durat, as a part of Modern Surfaces, is a unique, sustainable solid surface material made from recycled polyester. The material is extremely durable and can be renewed by slight sanding. The material is very resistant to wear, humidity and various kinds of chemicals. Because of its easy maintenance and hard wearing properties, this product is an ideal material for various kinds of interiors including countertops for kitchens, bathrooms, desks, windowsills and more. Durat can be used to create modern, seamless surfaces for any project. To learn more about Durat and their newest collection, visit www.durat.com 


Modern Surfaces is a partnership comprised of Durat, IceStone, Lapitec, and PaperStone along with distributors CaraGreen and Cerami Inc., sustainable materials brands and distributors passionate about creating beauty and utility out of waste. More information regarding Modern Surfaces can be found at www.modern-surfaces.com. For press requests, contact Melinda Jackson at pr@modern-surfaces.com

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