Design meets digital. The new machine generation from HOMAG.

Design meets digital. The new machine generation from HOMAG.

Since end of March HOMAG presents itself with a completely new appearance – with a new logo, a new look and a modern machine design. In line with the motto "Design meets digital," all HOMAG machines are now even more intuitive to use and feature modern and unique designs. The machines and plants can now also be networked easily and quickly using the tapio ecosystem. The user decides for themselves if and when this function will be used. Through the advanced, function-oriented design, machine operation becomes a unique experience and the company's innovative capabilities which are unleashed by the machine become even more apparent. For the user, this makes a clear statement to their end customers — not to mention to their competitors.

New product names: simple and easy-to-understand

In addition to the new design of HOMAG machines, the product names have also been more clearly structured for the customer: The new designations are easy to understand, consistent and traceable. From now on, the name of each machine clearly states its function. For example, visitors to XYLEXPO found HOMAG edge banding machines under the name EDGETEQ, and machines from the saw technology range now all carry the name SAWTEQ. This means that it is much easier for customers and prospective customers to navigate around the world of HOMAG products.

HOMAG strikes a new path for its customers

In the spring of 2017, the HOMAG Group combined almost all of its existing brands under the single HOMAG name. The primary aim was to make collaboration with customers even more straightforward and efficient. This focused orientation gave rise to the new slogan "YOUR SOLUTION," meaning that the customer and their personal solution is at the heart of everything our employees do.

Now HOMAG took the next step with its overhauled, group-wide brand identity. To organize the Group's broad product range as clearly as possible for customers all around the world, HOMAG presented for the first time at the HOLZ-HANDWERK in Nuremberg as well as at the XYLEXPO in Milan, a new, modern machine design across all products as well as new, consistent and coordinated product names. This will allow HOMAG customers to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Naturally, there has been no change in the high processing quality which users expect from the products — however, the machines are complemented by a modern design and a new, innovative operating structure for a very special user experience.


Detailed information about our new product names and more examples can be found here:


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