Chemetal’s Classics Continue

Chemetal’s Classics Continue

Chemetal's Classic Metals' 900 series combines the durability, affordability and beauty of solid anodized aluminum in brass, bronze, copper, stainless and aluminum looks. Antique Copper Aluminum, Brushed Golden Aluminum, Brushed Blued Aluminum, Polished Bronze Aluminum and Glowing Bronze Aluminum are some of the newest additions to this series.

There are several advantages of creating the “looks” of other metals in aluminum. One is cost, aluminum is a relatively inexpensive metal. Second is ease of use, aluminum is a softer metal so thicknesses can be cut, bent and fabricated with woodworking equipment, with minor modifications. Color variation is minimized and design professionals can specify and ensure color, sheet after sheet, in design spaces of any size. Laminate backer option.

How anodized aluminum is manufactured

Anodized aluminum is an electro-chemical process that improves upon the naturally occurring aluminum oxide layer that normally forms on the surface of aluminum. Aluminum oxide is a translucent crystalline structure from the same family of gemstones as sapphire, and with a hardness second only to diamonds. Aluminum oxide is bonded at the molecular level and will never chip, flak, peel or chalk like coatings can.

By creating anodized aluminums in a manufacturing setting, we are able to control the pattern and sheen of the metal (polished, brushed, satin, smoked for example) and add color to emulate the look of stainless, copper, brass, bronze and other metals.

Plus, Chemetal's anodized aluminums are coil coated, a continuous process of a coil running through various electro chemical baths that ensures consistent in coating thickness and color. This means that color variation is minimized and design professionals can specify and ensure color, sheet after sheet, in design spaces of any size.

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