Biesse/Uniteam Named Supplier of Choice for Largest CLT Facility in U.S.

Biesse/Uniteam Named Supplier of Choice for Largest CLT Facility in U.S.

Charlotte, North Carolina, January 9, 2018 – When International Beams announced its plan to build the largest Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) manufacturing facility in the United States, Biesse’s Uniteam series was selected as the official CNC equipment supplier to the new 227,000 square foot manufacturing facility near Dothan, Alabama.

The new plant, which is expected to open early in 2018, provides a clear example of how Biesse’s Uniteam range can help your company meet the needs of an emerging market for CLT panel and laminated beams.

International Beams, a leading manufacturer of high-quality, pre-fabricated I-joists, will produce two new products at its Alabama facility: CLT panels and glue-laminated beams (GLU-LAM).

The use of CLT panel had previously been reserved for commercial construction but is now increasingly being used by residential builders. Biesse/Uniteam has also responded to the change in market demands with its range of cutting-edge solutions designed to satisfy the growing demands of log home manufacturing: E-Mix, UT, CK and EBM-3.  

“We are proud to be the supplier of choice for International Beams,” said Biesse America Vice President of Distribution Mike Johnson. “Biesse’ s decision to acquire Uniteam was driven by the fact that they are the industry leader in advanced technology focused on solutions for these emerging building materials. North America is experiencing a generational change in the construction methods being requested. Acquiring Uniteam, and fully integrating this line into the product mix, has positioned Biesse to be the leading supplier of technology for this rapidly expanding sector.”

Uniteam’s range of machines and systems includes the E-Mix, which has the multi-functional capacity to machine not only CLT panel, but also laminated beams and curved laminated beams. The E-Mix is perfect for small to medium sized companies that want to increase performance levels but at an affordable price. E-Mix can also be built with twin loading stations that allow for pendular machining to further increase the level of productivity.

Uniteam’s UT series features unique technology for the machining of very large beams or elements with more complex shapes. The CK series is ideal for medium to large industries requiring flexibility in order to handle standard woodworking cuts but also a solution for the complex demands of modern design. The EBM-3 series offers the largest platform for CNC machining of beams and CLT panels. This innovative construction system employs dynamic and secure wooden panels in the construction of walls and roof slabs for any type of structure. 

At a time when Customers are in need of answers to thrive in this still developing market, Uniteam is supplying solutions with cutting-edge machinery and systems that give them the upper hand on their competitors.   

When you consider that Biesse/Uniteam’s solutions are being used to meet the needs of the largest CLT manufacturing facility in the U.S., imagine what we can do for your business and its bottom line.

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