AkzoNobel’s New “MaestroHue” Wood Coatings Color-Matching System Puts Distributors in Fast Lane

AkzoNobel’s New “MaestroHue” Wood Coatings Color-Matching System Puts Distributors in Fast Lane

HIGH POINT, North Carolina – Distributors can now fulfill more orders in less time, thanks to MaestroHue – an innovative digital color-matching system developed by Chemcraft, AkzoNobel’s specialist wood coatings brand. AkzoNobel is a global leader in paints and coatings.

How does it work? MaestroHue is a complete color system that gives distributors the power to match virtually any color with unrivaled accuracy and minimal waste. Quick and easy to use, it means customers no longer have to tint by hand, leading to faster turnaround time and less waste.

AkzoNobel’s MaestroHue color system can match any color
with unrivaled accuracy and minimal waste.

Once color is matched, a customer can save the exact formulation for future use. And by enabling faster throughput, it means orders can be processed quicker, with no mistints and no need for labor-intensive manual tinting.

“Our new MaestroHue system helps customers drive business growth by enabling products to be tinted faster, with exceptional color accuracy,” explains Anthony Woods, AkzoNobel’s Segment Marketing Director for Wood Coatings. “It was created with distributors in mind and is perfect for adding efficiency to their color kitchens.”

What are the benefits? Tinting by hand not only takes more time, but it also makes it harder to repeat an exact mix of the same color time and time again. One of the key benefits of MaestroHue is that customer formulations can be stored in the software’s library for future use, eradicating mistints and delivering maximum repeatability.

“Our innovation isn’t just focused on products,” adds Woods. “We’re always looking for novel ways to bring benefits to our customers. Introducing market-leading digital color matching at the distributor level offers clear advantages to help distributors fulfill faster, more accurate orders with reduced waste.”

Specifically formulated to deliver guaranteed color accuracy with compatible bases, MaestroHue produces consistently accurate colors with repeatability within 0.1dE. It also allows distributors to adjust colors if needed.

AkzoNobel’s Chemcraft range offers high-quality coatings, stains and color systems for the finishing of wood products, such as kitchen cabinets and furniture.

For more details, visit the Chemcraft website.

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