AIS Launches Divi Linear

Updated linear trim offers designers more choices and flexibility in the popular panel system

Leominster, MA – Dec. 5, 2019 – AIS, a leading manufacturer of commercial office furniture and seating, has launched Divi Linear – a contemporary, streamlined trim option offering cohesive design detail on AIS’s popular Divi panel system.

AIS’s Divi Linear is so named for the updated rectilinear trim that not only supports current design trends but also offers designers additional choices for space design. Whereas AIS’s original Divi trim sports a concave curve, Divi Linear adheres to rectangular angles.

“After listening to feedback from our dealers and designers, we’re excited to launch Divi Linear and provide this updated look for open-plan design,” AIS Executive Vice President of Product Development Bill Stewich said. “The Divi Linear trim option helps to create a unified workspace with a progressive aesthetic.”

The Divi Linear open-plan panel system is offered in monolithic, segmented, glass and limited stack panels, used alone or blended.

Concurrent with the launch of Divi Linear, a new linear recessed-glass option is available for the panel system. This modern aesthetic aligns with the more refined lines of Divi Linear and is only offered with the linear trim.

Divi Linear integrates seamlessly with AIS’s Calibrate® Series laminate storage and Day-to-Day® tables, as well as with AIS’s height-adjustable tables.

Divi Linear’s uncomplicated design allows for quick installation and ease of change with a universal hinge enabling 90-, 120- and 135-degree configurations using a single platform. Power and data needs are easily met through a 6-inch base raceway. 

Divi Linear is offered in the same finish options as AIS’s original Divi product. Made at AIS’s manufacturing facility in Massachusetts, Divi Linear is now orderable.

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