3D Customer Experience Innovation by Kastamonu Entegre

3D Customer Experience Innovation by Kastamonu Entegre

As the leading brand in wood based panel industry, Kastamonu Entegre introduces its “IDS – Interior Design Studio” digital platform to professionals and customers for the first time in Intermob Exhibition. In the scope of this project, which is a first in the World for the sector, the users found an opportunity to view all products on real time basis by 3D color chart whereas virtual showroom feature brings a real time product experience through VR glasses.

Considering innovation as an integral parts of corporate culture, Kastamonu Entegre takes one step forward in this field by its digital platform titled “IDS – Interior Design Studio”. Launched in Intermob Exhibition between 14th and 18th October, this project shines with its technological infrastructure enabling management from single point in entire digital imaging media.

 “IDS – Interior Design Studio” application is available free for mobile devices and this application combines various high quality and aesthetic products of Kastamonu Entegre. The system provides the users with access at anytime and anywhere when necessary and it includes detailed information on all products. IDS 3D color chart brings the opportunity to simulate product samples in digital media in accordance with color, texture and fabric features. The products are displayed in intended sizes. By its touchscreen feature, multiple views are available through 360 degree rotation. This feature presents reflection, brightness and printing operations of products in a perfect manner.

Kastamonu Entegre’s IDS – Interior Design Studio” project is distinguished with its virtual showroom feature. Virtual showroom consists of a realistic simulation ensuring all products to be tested on selected furniture or surfaces. The simulation provides users with the opportunity to select relevant product on 3D color chart and see this product in a decorated venue. By this way, the users can make necessary adjustments. The users can also review product samples by navigating through numerous venues by integration of VR glasses. This project involves several interactivities that would assist in decision making process. The project brings in something new for the industry with its stated features.

The guests visiting Kastamonu Entegre’s stand numbered 734 in 7th Hall of Intermob Exhibition organized for 20th time in this year will be a part of this digital platform. A special section consisting of kiosks will provide real size product experience in real venues. Included in Kastamonu Entegre’s high quality, aesthetic and environment friendly products, the Evogloss bright panel will present 30 new colors and Glossmax bright panel will bring new stony decorations in this exhibition as well as super opaque new surfaces, laminated flooring series added to product range recently such as Stone, Deluxe and Elit and Doorlam door panels with 15 new colors. The Reflection series attracted attention in the country and in abroad will also be presented in the exhibition.  

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