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Woodworking Software for CNCs in 2021 and Beyond

For years, the woodworking industry has been venturing into newly advanced technology in construction methods, materials and, most of all, manufacturing with CNC equipment. From hidden, tool-less fastening, to HDF doors, to bringing 3D designs to reality with CNC technology, at the heart of these advancements is the symbiotic balance of CNC machining technology and manufacturing software.

Nashville symposium hits all the right notes

Country might be the dominant music in Nashville, but rock ‘n’ roll might better describe the energy and atmosphere at the second annual Material, Technology and Design Symposium @ CPA Fall Meeting in late September.

Modern solutions for modern manufacturers

The story of Laminate Works is about more than a flexible OEM experiencing year-after-year growth while serving multiple market segments with a 96.69 percent quality on-time record. It’s about the successful application of modern manufacturing trends to panel processing.

Digital’s efficiency, versatility making waves in woodworking

As Ron Gilboa explains it, the need to produce short-run, cost-effective decorative surfaces combined with ongoing development in digital inkjet printing has created a “perfect storm for the technology to meet woodworking’s market needs.”

Inspirational Interzum to turn 60 in May 2019

In May 2019, the global community for furniture supply, interior construction, architects, interior designers and developers will find new inspiration at Interzum, the world’s leading industry event for furniture production.

Marlite’s Makeover Unshackles Design Choice

Marlite has totally transformed its decorative panel surfacing prowess since scrapping its antiquated rotogravure finishing process in favor of a cutting-edge digital print finishing system. The new UV-cure technology, dubbed BlueSky Advanced Finishing System, is dramatically more agile, versatile and environmentally friendly than its more than half-century-old predecessor.

Are you ready for change? Then get ready for MT&D Symposium in Nashville

Like it or not, the only constant in today’s business world is change. Suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and designers must adapt or be left behind by competitors who see disruptions as opportunities. Accordingly, change, disruption and the opportunities they bring will be key themes during the 2018 Material, Technology & Design Symposium @ CPA Fall Meeting, set for Sept. 23-25 in Nashville.

Cabinet Concepts by Design Uses Cabinet Vision Automation

Not every married couple is suited for business partnership, but dream team Shelley and Matt Wehner found the entrepreneurial freedom they both craved in opening Cabinet Concepts by Design.

A whole new experience – Retailers find innovative ways to capture consumer attention

Bricks or clicks?

In the evolving world of retail, savvy businesses know it’s not just one or the other that boosts their bottom lines.

Instead, those retailers are using bricks and mortar and online shopping in tandem, often employing experiential retail as a powerful way to provide consumers with personal, engaging experiences.

Often referred to as experiential retail, shopping, buying or purchasing, it’s a concept that typically involves a store in which consumers do more than buy. Through a store’s engaging and interactive design, often including panel-based fixtures and casegoods, customers experience a brand or product and therefore create a memory that fosters a strong relationship with the retailer.

Disruption = Opportunity – Renowned ‘Chief Disruptor’ Wujec Headlines 2018 Material, Technology & Design Symposium

When your title is “chief disruptor,” you aren’t intimidated by technologies that are permanently changing the way we conceive, design, manufacture and sell products. Instead, you embrace those technologies and see opportunities where others see threats.

Tom Wujec is chief disruptor at Autodesk—the Oscar-winning industry leader in 3D computer animation technology and one of the world’s largest software companies—and he revels in sharing today’s exciting opportunities during his celebrated talks on innovation.