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What’s in Your Office?

The right hardware makes all the difference when it comes to convenience and overall function. As the average workspace continues to change, manufacturers are developing solutions to ensure employees have a comfortable and safe experience at work.

A Strong European Influence on Door Manufacturing

European influence in North American kitchen and furniture design is more evident today than ever before. We’ve seen significant innovation in production processes, equipment, management software and more notably, easily available surface designs and textures. The availability of unique surfaces and finishes is vast and complicated; today we deep dive into what’s driving the adoption of European products and the roles we play to embrace innovation and change in the North American market.

Hardware innovations offer better solutions

According to the dictionary, “innovation” can be defined simply as a new idea, device or method. Typically, however, innovation also is viewed as the application of better solutions that meet the needs of today’s market. Better solutions? Those are definitely what hardware companies have in mind when they research, develop and introduce their innovative new products. Here are some of the best new examples of those new products and better solutions from some of the world’s top hardware companies:

Growing relationships, building business

Weather-Tek offers the best selection of windows and doors in Wisconsin and has them displayed in an expansive showroom at its shiny new headquarters in Waukesha.

Beautiful & Functional

She’s a model and wants things to look beautiful; he’s a marketing expert and likes everything to be practical. Melanie Raff and Marco Hornug have teamed up to make their dream come true. They have a kitchen that combines both aesthetics and functionality.

No more traditional lock and key

Accuride’s Senseon Secure Access system uses cards, fobs to seamlessly open locked drawers, cabinet doors

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