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Parallel universe

Imola, Italy, in October for the 10th edition of Cefla Live, which showcased the industry’s most impressive operational finishing laboratory. At the event, Cefla demonstrated definitively why it would be a misnomer to simply call the company a finishing technology provider.

Marlite’s Makeover Unshackles Design Choice

Marlite has totally transformed its decorative panel surfacing prowess since scrapping its antiquated rotogravure finishing process in favor of a cutting-edge digital print finishing system. The new UV-cure technology, dubbed BlueSky Advanced Finishing System, is dramatically more agile, versatile and environmentally friendly than its more than half-century-old predecessor.

Future Ho!

A Conestoga is a vehicle used to transport essential goods and open new frontiers. It is also an apt name for North America’s largest manufacturer of custom kitchen door and drawer components. Despite more than 50 years of experience, Conestoga Wood Specialties is anything but old fashioned. The company is continually trailblazing, with ongoing technology investments that increase capacity and deliver new materials across the land.

Digital Printing with UV Inks Re-Imagines the Possibilities for Decorative Surfaces

The beauty, versatility and durability of decorative surfaces have made dramatic impacts on newly built and renovated residences and commercial buildings for decades. They’ve created nearly unlimited design options in a wide variety of wood-based applications, cabinets, molding, flooring, furniture, countertops, store fixtures, doors and shelving.

Automating for the Better

Automated finishing technology offers consistency, transfer efficiency and increased production – with the added benefit of a cleaner finishing environment. It is a significant investment. For Four Woods Laminating, an Amish-owned family business, the move to automation was a carefully planned process with far-reaching benefits. “Our number one priority is to take care of our customers.

Bringing Style to the Table

Although Nucraft has been in the contract furniture business for 70 years, its entry into conferencing products in the mid-1980s was a defining moment for the company. That specialization drove material and processing innovations that are a departure from standard casegoods on many levels. One is scale. Designing for large expanses requires an understanding of materials that goes beyond four-by-eight panels and box construction. 

Environmentally Safe and Technologically Advanced Solutions for Powder Coating MDF

Solvent-free and energy efficient are important features for the high-quality coatings used in high-end furniture or kitchen surfaces. A new and highly reactive powder coating provides safe processes and environmentally friendly coatings for thermally sensitive wood substrates.

Advances in Coating Technology

Inert coating technology. The name sounds rather unassuming, but the implications for this relatively new process of sealing composite wood panels are pretty exciting. In the most practical sense, inert coating equipment offers considerable cost savings and efficiencies when compared to traditional roll coating lines. Yet the process, which can impart texture, is also an elegant way to prepare a board for digital printing. Last year Cefla introduced inert coating technology to North America as a solution particularly well suited for manufacturers of wall paneling, ceilings and flooring.

New System Makes Finishing More Efficient and Ergonomic

Obtaining a consistent color of stain on wood can be challenging.

High Quality High-Gloss Finishes Made Possible by Superior Surfacing Technology

High-gloss finishing imparts a sleek, bold sheen to interior residential and commercial surfaces. The perfect high-gloss surface is a fusion of maximum gloss level, smoothness, depth effect, scratch resistance, cost effectiveness and technical feasibility.