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The Future of Pop-Up Retail

The term “Retail Apocalypse,” coined around 2010 during a period of rampant closures of numerous North American brick-and-mortar retail stores, especially large chains, threatened to change the face of shopping malls forever. In 2017, the expression “Amazon Effect,” introduced by Business Insider, depicted how the online mega-retailer was generating greater than 50% of the growth of retail sales, seeming to further hammer the nail into the coffin of physical retail. 

Students Show Their Skills with Another Round of #WilsonartChallenges

Principles of contemporary art was the theme that inspired students at Ryerson School of Interior Design, Toronto, ON., to design and build chairs for the 16th annual Wilsonart Challenges Student Chair Design Competition. Beyond basic form and function, each design was also informed by how students used expressive and stylistic contemporary elements such as movement, proportion, contrast, or balance.

Helping Customers Keep Their Promises

They say that successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it. And for Laminate Works, investing in high-quality solutions has been worth the risk.


Exceptional Design in an Unexpected Place

Ironwood Manufacturing has developed a breakthrough interior furnishing. Rich and elegant, its components embody unique intellectual property designs, incorporating customized Italian technology for edgebanding and boring, all driven by a European design application not widely used in the U.S.

Tom Deady, general manager at Ironwood, describes one project, constructed for a large aerospace company. “It was intended to match the aesthetic of its private corporate jets,” says Deady. “The Etimoe veneer originated in North Africa, was fumed in Spain, then processed through Danzer Veneer in Indiana. The doorlites are from 3form, and encapsulate silk strands hand-woven in Nepal, between two layers of acrylic.”

A Lasting Commitment to the Community

Taking on a greater role in serving its Texas community required a respected non-profit to invest in new office space designed to last. VT Architectural Doors finished with New Leaf Performance Veneers fit right in.


Captive audience helps, but travel retailers still go the extra mile

While much of today’s retail world scrambles to attract walk-in customers in the face of online competition, stores based in airports and other travel hubs have a built-in advantage.

Retail evolving

As the retail landscape adapts to changing consumer needs, brands are changing their brick-and-mortar strategy to reach a new equilibrium. The foundation of this process is understanding and accounting for Gen Z shopping habits, a generation that currently comprises 40% of the population and is beginning to have purchasing power.

High end Laminates are among materials that set elegant San Francisco cannabis shops apart

In many ways, cannabis dispensaries are like other retail stores. They are designed to make customers feel welcome and allow them to explore the shops intuitively, experience the brands and have positive experiences overall.

Marlite’s Makeover Unshackles Design Choice

Marlite has totally transformed its decorative panel surfacing prowess since scrapping its antiquated rotogravure finishing process in favor of a cutting-edge digital print finishing system. The new UV-cure technology, dubbed BlueSky Advanced Finishing System, is dramatically more agile, versatile and environmentally friendly than its more than half-century-old predecessor.

AIS Furniture goes all-in for laminate

The fast-growing manufacturer of laminate casework, panel systems and other office furnishings is content to let its bigger competitors invest tall dollars in speculative product development. It prefers to wait and see which workplace trends actually gain traction and then pounce on the opportunity by designing products that it can quickly bring to market.