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I Wish

I’m not a dreamer. Growing up in a stark reality didn’t seem to leave time for dreaming. As I grew older, I was relentless in my pursuit of goals, and it served me well. But today seems different. At times it feels as though we are at war. With each other, with ourselves, and with an enemy who doesn’t seem to have a name. We look past the gifts in our lives and focus instead on what we imagine divides us and each time, we get more angry… 


Registration for IWF Connect is now open, kicking off the event’s first-ever digital-only experience. The virtual show will take place October 26-30, and will replace this year’s International Woodworking Fair originally set for August 25 in Atlanta, GA. The event is designed to provide the same opportunities for networking through one-on-one skype-like meetings and chat groups, offering a unique, enjoyable experience for both the exhibitor and the attendee and, more importantly, on a site that is easy to navigate.

How to have better customer conversations during the crisis

THE COVID-19 CRISIS has caused so much disruption and uncertainty for everyone in all aspects of work and life. When talking to customers, it can be hard to know how to strike the right balance between acknowledging the crisis and focusing on business.

In This Together

As the world continues to evolve due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies in the industry are taking extra precautions to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. What’s more, a number of companies are working to develop new innovations to combat the virus.


More than just smoke

Yes, we all know that retail isn’t what it used to be, but brick-and-mortar stores still play a valuable role in helping consumers see, touch and try on products before they make purchasing decisions. This issue of Surface & Panel features prime examples of retailers and physical stores that continue to succeed by attracting shoppers.

Fortune is ally to the brave

You never know what’s going to happen next in America’s trade dispute with China. It’s like a game of chicken. Who knows which country will be first to blink? Nobody likes to see so much disruption and uncertainty, but one thing is true: All of us are affected.

A magazine like no other

What sets Surface & Panel apart? That’s a frequent question posed by advertisers and potential advertisers and one I regularly answer when I approach story subjects about featuring their businesses in the pages of our magazine.

From woodworking to WWII

My good friend Stephen Ehle passed away Jan. 15. I affectionately and respectfully referred to him as Uncle Steve. We began our careers in publishing on the same day in 1986 as junior associates at Johnson Hill Press in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin—he as an editor and I as a salesperson for a magazine called Furniture Wood Digest (ultimately Wood Digest)

Amid uncertainty, forecasts are cool for housing, remodeling in 2019

Start with rising, stabilizing and then falling mortgage interest rates. Throw in stock market volatility, a partial shutdown of the U.S. government and global economic uncertainties.The result for economic forecasters trying to make predictions for the remainder of 2019 has been a challenge.

Nashville symposium hits all the right notes

Country might be the dominant music in Nashville, but rock ‘n’ roll might better describe the energy and atmosphere at the second annual Material, Technology and Design Symposium @ CPA Fall Meeting in late September.

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