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Efficient coating systems for just about any industrial coating application

Whatever it is you would like to coat, Venjakob coating machines are used in just about every industry sector around the world. In accordance with varying customer requirements, Venjakob and its US subsidiary Nutro, Inc., can offer you a whole host of system solutions for processing liquids, including adhesives or coating systems based on water, solvent, or UV. Effect, decorative, and functional coatings, among other things, are thus applied in accordance with your requirements.

Venjakob represents so much more than just coating technology

While entire coating lines are our core area of business, Venjakob has developed and implemented plenty of special solutions for applications beyond surface technology.  Should you have a special solution in substrate drying or parts handling, please feel free to get in touch with us.

State of the art technology to make your business future-proof

Experience over decades made the company become an innovative and reliable partner.  The modular system concept enables you to adapt your production process to changing market requirements. When it comes to planning new systems and processes, our industrial laboratory provides you with the opportunity to test your products and the corresponding coatings in realistic production conditions.

Our customers trust in our expert knowledge and fast available service support around the world.

Venjakob– Established family-run company with global network

Venjakob is a family owned company, founded in 1963 and lead in third generation with head quarter in Germany, a further production site in the USA (Nutro Inc./ Strongsville-OH) and several sales and service points  around the world, among  Bolton, Ontario/ Canada (Venjakob North America Inc.).

Despite our international customer base and global mission, we’ve remained true to the traditional values of our family-run company: ingenuity, creativity, and precision! These service promises culminate in Venjakob’s unique quality, which you’re guaranteed to find with us and nowhere else!



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