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Do you starve to have an ultramodern kitchen? You won’t get enough of these ultra-high gloss and ultra-matte finishes that will incite the desire for more. Luxury baring its teeth and proving its bite. ULTRA finishes never lose their hunger to whet your appetite.
These brilliant finishes are perfect for the contemporary lifestyle that embodies simple yet stylish looks for any end use. Ultra-gloss finishes are rich in color with a mirror like reflection that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide exceptional durability. Ultra-matte finishes possess a smooth soft touch texture that create a chic, modern look that hides even fingerprints.
The latest cutting edge technology has transformed one of the most common plastics used around the world in plastic drinking bottles (PET) into a highly durable leading decorative surface with excellent stain resistance, scratch resistance and UV resistant coating. These are environmentally friendly panels are safe, non-toxic, and recyclable.
Ultra-modern finishes will add a superior elegance to your home, office or storefront with the high quality ultra-gloss and ultra-matte finishes. With a variety of contemporary designs such as wood grains, pearlescent and solid colors the possibilities are endless with Ultrapan.