About Us

Easy, fast, tool-less and with perfect results. The Threespine tool-less assembly, offers a host of advantages over traditional assembly and the cutting edge technology is a game changer when it comes to assembling furniture, casegoods, and cabinets. With Threespine there is no need for tools or manuals, the furniture is simply clicked together. It’s just a matter of time before Threespine is the new “need-to-have” for certain furniture. No matter where you find yourself in the value chain, the question is not if Threespine will make your life easier but rather by how much.


— Offers few limitations when it comes to thickness of panels or mixing of materials

— Opens up a host of design opportunities previously unavailable within the RTA category due to the limitations of traditional assembly techniques

— Connects panels with perfectly square joints utilizing a variety of profiles, with no visible holes or hardware

— Gives you perfectly square, gap-less joints allow for creativity that until now, has not been available in flat-pack production