ShopBot Tools, Inc.

About Us

At ShopBot Tools, we dedicate our energy and resources to offering the best, most affordable, and configurable solutions for our CNC tools. Design and engineering choices are based on thorough reasoning and always with our customer’s needs in mind. Unlike companies that have begun importing and reselling CNC tools over the past few years; we engineer, build, and support the tools we sell here in Durham, NC (USA). Unlike any other affordable CNC router producer, we also develop and produce our own control systems and CNC software. And we use our CNC tools in our own manufacturing, every day.

ShopBot’s tools provide the power, precision, and reliability of big-iron CNC tools costing thousands of dollars more. You can machine, cut, and carve into a variety of materials including wood, MDF, plastics, foam, and aluminum.  We provide a wide range of tool sizes and support the success of each user with a range of services, including technical support, an active online forum, and production support services.

For power and high precision in a small footprint, look to our popular and affordable ShopBot Desktop and Desktop MAX. They’re being used in countless industries and educational settings. Our full-size shop tools, such as the PRSalpha 96 x 48 (and larger), are at work everywhere from small businesses to large factory settings. They are easily configured and can be reconfigured to meet your evolving production needs.


  • Handibot® Smart Power Tool
  • ShopBot Desktop
  • ShopBot Desktop MAX
  • ShopBot Desktop MAX ATC
  • ShopBot Buddy®
  • ShopBot PRSstandard Full-Size Gantry
  • ShopBot PRSalpha Full-Size Gantry
  • ShopBot PRSalpha Full-Size Gantry with ATC
  • ShopBot Standalone Indexer
  • ShopBot 5-Axis