About Us

Richelieu is an importer, distributer and manufacturer of specialty hardware and related products.

  • A catalog of 130,000 innovative products
  • A fast convenient site (richelieu.com) that makes it quick and easy to place orders 24/7
  • A network of 97 interconnected warehouses across North America ready to handle your order quickly and efficiently
  • More than 90,000 satisfied customers in North America

Richelieu is your supplier of choice for all your specialty hardware product needs.

No matter what project, room or application you’re working with, we carry the perfect decorative surface that brings designs to life, transforming a functional surface into a stunning masterpiece. From super matte to high-gloss and a wide range of textured  surfaces, Richelieu offers a full range of beautiful and innovative surfaces and panels for your next project.

Our collections of door handles and knobs include more than 6,000 distinctive models with eye-catching flair and elegance to make the most attractive cabinet doors even more appealing. Combining innovative design and high-quality manufacturing, our handles are more than functional accessories – they are truly exquisite gems that enhance everything from desk drawers to cabinet doors. Our collections bring together dazzling shapes and new materials to create an array of unique styles, including contemporary, transitional and traditional.


1-800-619-5446 (US)
1-800-361-6000 (CAN)