About Us

Profol is a global leader in the manufacture of cast polypropylene and polyethylene films. Founded in Germany in 1980, Profol opened its US manufacturing facility in 1992 in Cedar Rapids, IA.

A long-time supplier of polyolefin film to a variety of industries, testing and research revealed a natural utilization of our sustainable and durable film laminate for the furniture panel and cabinet markets.

Ease of printing, lay-flat characteristics, a wide variety of colors/textures and its moisture and chemical-resistance make Profol polypropylene (PP) film an excellent choice for furniture panels, surfaces, cabinets and flooring. In addition, Profol cast PP film is non-toxic, impact-resistant and has excellent bonding capabilities to a variety of substrates.

Polypropylene delivers the functionality of other polymers without the long wait times and higher pricing associated with lack of availability. Our quick turnaround times and convenient Midwest location offer customers a reliable experience every time.


Scott Bruner | Director of Sales
Email: sbruner@profol.com
Phone: 319-365-0599
4333 C Street S.W.
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404-7461