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Polygrain is a polymer sheet developed by Polygrain with a sophisticated wood-like grain and texture that inspires innovation for high-end and heavily used outdoor living spaces. Exceed limitations for use during all seasons and in all climates with this versatile and elegant material. Polygrain sets the bar high for its combination of long-term performance, durability, appearance and fabrication ease and consistency.


  • Patios and Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Outdoor Cabinetry and Storage
  • Outdoor Kitchens and Dry Spaces
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Outdoor Signs
  • Marina Architecture and Storage


  • High-End Woodgrain Appearance
  • UV and Extreme Weather Resistance
  • Integral Color Hides Marring and Scratches
  • Solid Polymer Composition Won’t Delaminate, Rot or Splinter
  • Maintenance-Free, Easy To Clean
  • Excellent Impact Resistance
  • Pool Equipment Storage Boxes
  • Easy To Fabricate Using Standard WoodWorking Tools
  • 100% Recyclable

Unlike plywood, Polygrain won’t delaminate, rot or splinter, and its integral colors hide scratches and marring that ruin painted surfaces. Its stain resistance, easy-to-clean matte finish and wide spectrum of integral colors further assure long lasting appearance and functionality.


  • Olyphant Oak
  • Susquehanna Gray
  • Northeastern Walnut
  • Custom Colors and Sizes on Request


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