Koch Machinery

About Us

Koch LP Machinery + Systems has been importing, distributing and servicing high-value woodworking machinery throughout North America for more than 30 years. Koch has over 60 years of experience in the design and production of high-tech machinery for furniture, door manufacturing, as well as other wood products.  Koch is also an authority in the field of joining technology and a specialist in sawing, shaping, drilling, gluing and dowel insertion, including specialized equipment for the production of decorative laminated veneer. This year, Koch is introducing the new, very popular WoodWelding technology to the North American market that allows an innovative way weld hardware permanently into wooden material.

In addition to our renowned equipment from Koch, we also provide sales, service and parts for Paul Saws & Systems.  Paul is known world-wide for cross-cutting and ripping machinery for the panel industry including our wide arbor panel ripsaws with fixed arbor or CNC positioned blades.


  • KOCH ENDMASTER-K (edge banding and dowel insertion machine)
  • KOCH ENDMASTER-P (hot foiling machine with chamfering unit)
  • KOCH SBD-45 (Sawing, drilling and dowel insertion machine miter doors)
  • KOCH SPRINT-FC (machine for French Cut door components)
  • DYNMA ADP (flexible door clamping center)
  • PAUL K34 (Panel Rip Saw)