FGV America

About Us

FGV America began in 2019 as the US subsidiary of Formenti & Giovenzana S.p.A (FGV) to serve and support the US market with distribution centers in Chatsworth CA and Winston-Salem NC. FGV was founded in 1947 and has grown into one of the largest functional hardware groups in the world, providing the cabinetry and furniture markets with quality functional hardware ever since through multiple production facilities and distribution centers globally.  FGV stands behind the slogan “Great Numbers, Great Value” in our aim to provide the highest quality products with the features needed for your project requirements, while at affordable prices and availability to everyone.


Concealed Hinge Systems: including OMNIA AnyClick system hinges with integrated rotational slow-motion mechanism; KOMPAKT face frame series in various overlays and functions/features; FUSION clip hinges with integrated soft-close dampers; and various other hinge systems

Drawer Systems: including EXCEL concealed soft-close 6-way adjustment undermount system featuring easy up-down adjustment located on each drawer member; X-TREME side-mount ball bearing systems in both standard and soft-close; and the TEN2 slim double wall drawer system with soft-close or a combined soft-close/push-open movement (available in a variety of color options)

Lift Systems: including AeroBUS system with soft-close which requires no hinges for the door; AeroPLUS and AeroWING systems which hold the door in any position; and the AeroLIFT+ gas piston lift with integrated soft-close damper