Boise Cascade Company

About Us

Since 1966, Boise Cascade has engineered a high-quality particleboard substrate in its La Grande, Oregon facility. That’s over 50 years of quality, integrity, sustainability, and recycling!

Boise Cascade’s Ponderosa Pine fiber creates a light-colored and homogenous substrate that is highly machinable and resists flaking and chipping. Machining is believing.

Our versatile laminating substrate has two super-fine faces designed to take even paper-thin laminates without telegraphing. Highly-refined particle geometry forms two identical precision-sanded faces and a consolidated core.

Characteristics include high internal bond, smooth surfaces, uniform density and strength. Exceptional panel construction dramatically improves tool life and productivity.

Two production lines, 4×24 feet and 5×18 feet, provide flexibility to meet multiple panel dimensions and thickness specifications. Our particleboard capacity totals more than 242 million square feet (3/4″ basis) annually – the equivalent of over 3,800 rail carloads.

Industry-leading customer service provides skilled and knowledgeable sales managers with nationwide solutions to support lean manufacturing. Product is delivered how you want it and when you want it.