About Us

Bainbridge Mfg., Inc. is the leading US Manufacturing Company that specializes in designing or re-engineering plastic components for the woodworking industry. In business since 1960 and family owned – we can take your current part or design – make engineering adjustments to fit your requirements – print your test samples – build the mold and mold the parts on one of our 30 molding machines. All manufacturing and inventory is in Washington State. We also offer over 600 different components needed to build cabinets – closets and furniture. Visit our website at www.Bainbridgemfg.com or call 800-255-4702.


Bainbridge Manufacturing Inc.

237 W Third St PO Box 487
Waterville, WA 98858
P: 509-745-9555
F: 509-745-9666
WEB: www.bainbridgemfg.com
E: info@Bainbridgemfg.com

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