Combilift has dropped its 2022 Christmas ad, featuring a magical elf who’s determined to cause chaos in the Combilift factory. The video was created entirely in-house by and at Combilift HQ.

Alvic USA, an award-winning manufacturer of cabinet doors and panels for residential and commercial projects, recently introduced its Vivid Reality design collection comprised of eye-catching colors and patterns to complement nature’s visual and tactile palette.

The Vivid Reality collection presents 15 outdoor-inspired colors divided into two stories – New Warmth and In Living Color – that evoke feelings from invigorating energy to tranquil relaxation, truly bringing spaces to life. Applicable to Alvic USA’s stock collection of panels, cabinet components, and edgebanding, residential and commercial environments can be transformed into memorable experiences.

“Our new collection inspires both the energy and tranquility desired in our daily lives,” says Emily LaPointe, Marketing Manager, Alvic USA. “The depth and allure of these designs can be used to create tactile spaces full of life, in contrast to the virtual and digital worlds that often fill our time.”

Color story New Warmth showcases solid colors in yellow, terracotta, and red tones – the yellow Camel, terracotta Cotto, and red-based Tortora and Almagra. These hues were inspired by rich, warm pigments rising from the earth helping them create a foundation for modern counterpoints when paired with white, black, neutral, and woodgrain elements.

To bring the outdoors in, the In Living Color story combines freshness in three colors: balanced green Verde Salvia, navy blue Azul Marino, and blue-green Agua Marina, as well as depth with several woodgrains and stone abstracts. In use, these colors and designs recall both visual and tactile texture found in nature, bringing these desirable elements effortlessly into our spaces.

Alvic USA’s Vivid Reality colors are available in select door styles with panels and edgebanding also in stock. Door profiles in four styles are made-to-order in the USA in just seven to 10 days. The new collection colors are offered in select finishes, including Zenit supermatte, Syncron texture, and Luxe high-gloss lacquer.

Visit www.alvicusa.com for more information about products and innovative manufacturing processes.

Roughly 60 people from all over Europe visited the Hymmen Technical Center to see new and proven products from digital printing technology to press and coating systems and the Industry Intelligence solution smart2i. The event in Rödinghausen, Germany ran from Tuesday to Thursday, October 18-20, 2022.

Visitors took part in exciting live demonstrations on the Digital Lacquer Embossing (DLE) line and the production systems for digital decor printing on board material with UV-curing inks (JUPITER) and water-based digital printing of decor paper (SATURN).

Next door, the HPL double belt press was waiting to press digitally printed paper into laminate on site. Hymmen’s coating finishing technology (Calender Coating Inert, CCI) can produce outstanding quality mirror high gloss as well as super matt surfaces, which were also on display.

The latest of the innovations presented is equally relevant for all Hymmen-owned as well as for external machines and systems. It is the smart2i Industry Intelligence solution samrt2i, for cloud-based monitoring and analysis of all relevant process parameters to optimize the entire production. The live application of smart2i could be experienced in real time by means of the monitoring and analysis of the current production data of the technology in operation at the fair.

The practical presentations were accompanied by talks on AI and the Industry Intelligence solution smart2i from Hymmen. Carsten Brinkmeyer, Head of Business Development at Hymmen, put the Industry Intelligence solution smart2i into a larger theoretical context. Guest speaker Wilhelm Klat (M. Sc.) gave a keynote speech on artificial intelligence. Mr. Klat is a Computer Vision Specialist, a research associate of the Applied AI Working Group at the FH Bielefeld and Managing Director of CircoVision UG. Dr. René Pankoke, managing partner and CEO of Hymmen led the following podium discussion.

Lunch and coffee provided additional opportunities for cross-company exchange. Hymmen is already looking forward to the third edition of the in-house exhibition event in two years.

The overall Tech-Together event

The OWL region continues to offer concentrated machine, plant and supplier competence in the woodworking sector. After the first edition in September 2021, renowned suppliers covering the entire machining process once again presented themselves to the interest of customers from all over the world from October 18-20, 2022. Customers were invited to tour the respective showrooms of the participating companies and get a personal impression of the innovations and technological advancements.

The fact that the participating companies opened their doors at the same time offered interested customers an incentive to travel through the OWL region and make contact with as many companies as possible. This very idea was very well received by visitors, and so many of last year’s visitors took advantage of the opportunity to, as the saying goes, “kill many birds with one stone”.

The event format provides for a combination of in-house exhibition and virtual content; the content is designed individually and is the responsibility of the individual participants.

Erik Norman has been named the new President of swissQprint America, the North American subsidiary of the Swiss manufacturer of high-quality large format printers.

“We are pleased to have Erik on board,” says Carmen Eicher, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at the swissQprint headquarters in Switzerland and former president of the U.S. subsidiary. “His wealth of experience will be highly beneficial, both for our customers and our organization.”

Erik Norman has spent most of his career within the print and print-related markets. He has globally walked in distributor, manufacturer and print service provider shoes. Thanks to these various roles he has held and the markets he has served he has a diverse perspective on the print industry, its different technology services, and how these meet ever-changing market and user demands.

At swissQprint America, Erik is heading a team of 16 experienced staff in Service, Application, Sales and Administration, serving the U.S. and the Canadian market. “I am very excited to be working with the swissQprint America team and applying my prior experiences to help them flourish and grow.” As he sees it, swissQprint’s reputation for quality, reliability, innovation and value are well known, and the brand has a high equity. “What really motivated me is their focus and dedication to creating great client and employee experiences – essential values for success.”

Visit www.swissqprint.com for more information.

REHAU recently announced plans to build a new facility for edgeband production in North America to meet current demand and to scale for future growth. The new plant will be the third in the company’s Celaya production hub in central México where there is an exceptional skilled labor force that is required for the processes in REHAU’s proprietary edgebanding production.

Established in 1993, REHAU México manufactures automotive components, gaskets for home and commercial refrigerators and profiles for windows and doors, employing more than 700 people.

“The decision to relocate REHAU’s edgeband production from our plant in Baie d’Urfé, Montreal was a very difficult one, but market conditions have forced us to act since we must be a trusted partner that reliably delivers product to our customers,” states Dr. Thomas Troeger, chief executive officer (CEO) of REHAU Americas. “The ongoing labor shortages in Montreal are impacting our ability to meet customer expectations, a situation that is expected to continue. Despite our teams working expanded hours, we are simply not able to meet current demand, nor can we help customers grow their business. This is a customer-driven decision; REHAU is committed to providing the same high-quality product, but in a much improved proactive and timely manner.”

“We are proud of our 60-year history in the Montreal region and of the 17 years we have produced edgeband at Plant Baie d’Urfé. Our team in Montreal will continue to produce edgeband through 2023 until the new plant is in full production by the first quarter of 2024. We will fully stand by our 200 team members in Quebec and will assist them in finding future employment,” concludes Troeger.

The new Celaya plant will create 300 new jobs. A robust 15-month transition plan ensures customers will experience a smooth transition. Relocation is expected to be completed in 2023.

Ahlstrom’s parent company Ahlstrom-Munksjö Holding 3 Oy will publish its January-September 2022 financial report on Monday, November 21 approximately at 12:00 EET (11:00 CET). The report will be available at www.ahlstrom.com/investors after publication.

A live audiocast and teleconference will be arranged on the same day, November 21 at 16:00 EET (15:00 CET). The event will be hosted by President and CEO Hans Sohlström, and Deputy CEO and CFO Sakari Ahdekivi.

Questions to the management can be asked either via the chat box in the audiocast or in person by phone in the conference call.

Audiocast registration link: https://ahlstrom-munksjo.videosync.fi/2022-q3

Teleconference registration link: http://palvelu.flik.fi/teleconference/?id=1009917

After the registration to the teleconference the participant will be provided with phone numbers and a conference ID to access the call. To ask a question, press *5 on your telephone keypad to enter the queue.

By joining audiocast or teleconference, the participant agrees that personal information such as name and company name will be collected. The event will be recorded.


Combilift has dropped its 2022 Christmas ad, featuring a magical elf who’s determined to cause chaos in the Combilift factory. The video was created entirely in-house by and at Combilift HQ.



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