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Second floor dominated by high gloss, textured TFL

It should come as no surprise that even the stairs in the mHouse are special. As you ascend from the main floor to the second level – or descend to the lower level – you do so on steps made of sapele mahogany supplied by Sierra Forest Products.

The stairs are substantial and impressive, with each tread weighing about 50 pounds. The stringers, too, are of sapele mahogany, as are the railings, and the intricate assembly required slotting and sliding the steps carefully into the stringers.

The result is a two-story staircase that is heavy and durable while offering a simple, clean and contemporary look from any angle that fits perfectly in the house.

Once upstairs, you immediately see more of Premier Eurocase’s significant involvement in the mHouse and its influence over the interior’s look. Simply stated, Premier dominates the top level.

It starts in the east bedroom -- a quick turn left from the stairs – where a floor-to-ceiling armoire and dresser unit covers an entire wall. The armoire doors feature Premier’s Reflekt high-gloss acrylic in white, while the interior is done in Premier’s Roücke HD textured TFL in Cortez. The drawers in the middle are also in the Roücke HD Cortez, while the top of the drawer unit is 3DL with a continuous front edge and edgebanding by Rehau.

All of the decorative and functional hardware on the unit is from Häfele.


As it did throughout the house, Premier once again showed its skill at producing quality furniture to exacting standards, noted John Aufderhaar, president of Bedford Falls Communications and publisher of Surface & Panel.“Everything they did, we pretty much just gave them the dimensions of the open space. Their ability to create the product and make it fit – especially in a floor-to-ceiling unit like this -- is remarkable,” he said.

Premier’s level of automation with equipment largely provided by the Homag Group is among the world’s best, and the clean room in which it produces its high-gloss acrylic surfaces sets the industry standard, Aufderhaar said.

On the landing at the top of the stairs is a window seat/storage bench with 3DL on top and Premier’s Roücke HD textured TFL in the Vail pattern on the storage box. The inside is white melamine. Just down the hall is a built-in, floor-to-ceiling storage unit with the same Roücke HD textured TFL and Häfele hardware. The second-floor bathroom also has the Vail pattern on the textured TFL on the vanity doors, with white melamine inside.

The west bedroom, which boasts a balcony overlooking the yard and golf course, is decorated in Premier’s Reflekt high gloss in gray. An armoire/storage unit fills one wall, while a combination shelving and Murphy bed unit fills another. When the bed is closed, that entire piece is gray high gloss. When it’s open, Premier’s Roücke HD TFL in Silverton is seen on the back wall above the bed.

“The west bedroom’s importance capitalizes on the original site selection,” architect John Vetter said. “The concept from the very beginning was to take advantage of the elevated position and views of the 16th green of the private golf course.”

Calling this space a bedroom doesn’t do it justice. Considering the room opens in the back to a 16-foot-by-16-foot upper deck with access via a spiral staircase to the lower patio, the west bedroom was designed to serve multiple purposes.

Marvin’s custom sliding doors allow for easy access to the outside and afford spectacular views. The flexibility of the Murphy bed inside allows the space to be transformed from a bedroom to an office or an indoor-outdoor gathering space for parties. The 20-foot elevated position looking down on the golf course makes for a natural gathering space for guests.

“Nearly every home on the golf course was built in proximity to the road,” Vetter said. “We decided early on to push the home as close to the golf course as possible. By doing so, we enhanced the golf course views and eliminated views of the neighboring homes and back yards.

“From any vantage point in the home, all you see is a beautiful park-like setting. Once we had the vision, the design of the home could begin,” Vetter said.

The Murphy bed was supplied by Häfele, which also provided the decorative hardware for the cabinets and drawers in the west bedroom.

Contact: John Aufderhaar at or 920-206-1766

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