Synchronized Finishes Take TFL to New Level of Realism

Don Raymond is vice president of sales and marketing for Uniboard. He also oversees product development for the company and has more than 25 years of industry experience. In this Q&A, Raymond answers questions from Surface & Panel about embossed-in-register or synchronized finishes and how they are changing the face of TFL.

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Lightweight to the core

17 years after the first patent, Neucor is producing a hollow core MDF product that combines light weight with superior strength

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It’s all about the Fungi

Ecovative creates mycelium resin that it says is safer and can be cheaper than formaldehyde-based products.

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Festool Track Saw gains exposure, praise on mHouse project

The Festool TSC 55 REB cordless track saw played a critical role in the recently completed mHouse...


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Paperlogic & the Mother of Reinvention

Weird and wondrous things happen when pulpwood, the core ingredient of décor paper, is manipulated at the molecular level.

By Rich Christianson

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