Grass America Announces the Kinvaro Series of Lifter System

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The Kinvaro L-80 Parallel Lifter system opens a single door that moves in parallel to the cabinet. In one smooth motion, the door is pulled up and away from the cabinet. The lifter holds the door firmly in any position. 

The Kinvaro F-20 Bi-fold Lifter system moves two horizontal doors together in a smooth, quiet action to offer maximum access to the cabinet’s interior.  Bi-fold lifters allow quick and easy access to cabinet interiors while the lower door remains within easy reach for closing. 

Distinguished by its simplicity, the T-series Lifter (T-57, T-65, T-71, T-76) opens a single door, pivoting the door to the top of the wall cabinet. The integrated soft-close and its stay-put feature contribute to the functionality of these lifters.

Rounding out the Kinvaro series of wall cabinet systems is the Kinvaro D Flap System, a stylish, modern drop-down flap system that creates a minimalistic look with clean lines while offering easy access to the cabinet contents. Functional and comfortable, the Kinvaro D offers an integrated damping system to provide a gentle opening that rests at 90° with the assistance of the Grass Tiomos Flap hinge.

Published on Monday, December 20, 2021