Biesse Selco 6 Series

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Charlotte, North Carolina – Biesse’s Selco 6 Series is at the heart of the product range of Horizontal beam saws for the Biesse Group. The 6 Series is ideal for satisfying the production requirements of medium and large sized manufacturers regardless of batch size. The 6 Series is available in an array of configurations from single axis front and rear loading to complex angular panel sizing systems. Each is available with a variety of features to meet the most demanding production and flexibility requirements. The Patented Twin Pusher is the most enhancing of these features, and is available in the 2.1 Version on the 6 Series of machines. With the Patented Twin Pusher, you get two machines in one and can improve throughput by up to 60%! The 6 Series is the perfect solution for manufacturers seeking efficiency, productivity and the highest in flexibility in panel sizing. Selco panel saws deliver the most innovative and feature rich machines on the market.


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Published on Thursday, January 4, 2018