7robotics Team Expands

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7robotics—a growing robotic integrator and automation company in Roseburg, Oregon—has expanded their team. Since September 2021, 7robotics has added 3 new faces to their development and technical departments. Headed by Joey Koenig, 7robotics’ Business Director, the company’s new additions will help develop and expand business services as well as solve the increasing problem of staffing through manufacturing improvements and process automation.

Business Management from Texas A&M and over a dozen years in sales has allowed him to excel in creating the connections necessary to drive and guide this startup.

“I like improving the manufacturing process, I like Roseburg, and I like the people I work with every day,” Koenig shared.

Through advanced skillsets in mechanical and automation engineering, the 7robotics team is poised to hit the ground running. Technical Director, Zach Alliman, oversees the engineering department with 12 years previous experience at 7robotics’ sister company, Con-Vey. Alliman’s extensive knowledge and industry-specific experience coupled with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University and his Professional Engineer certification in Oregon bring a strong advantage to the budding company.

Published on Wednesday, December 1, 2021