Room to Run

An exciting decade lies ahead for manufacturers of composite panel-based residential and office furniture, kitchen cabinets, store fixtures and organizational units. This issue of Surface & Panel offers plenty of support for that view. In the Ahlstrom-Munksjö feature that begins on page 56, Executive Vice President of Décor Norbert Mix points out that while Europe and North America have similar populations...

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It’s all about timing

The timing could hardly be better for the panel processing industry. Sales of recreational vehicles are setting records just as the smooth, clean, simple lines of European and contemporary styling are making their way into RVs in a big way. That adds up to more sales for businesses that specialize in composite panels and decorative surfaces, which are essential elements in contemporary design, and the trend isn’t likely to abate any time soon.

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Wilsonart Coordinated Surfaces program meets customer demand for quality, continuity

Wilsonart launched its Coordinated Surfaces program in 2014 to meet customer demands for design continuity, consistent quality and easy access between its thermally fused laminate panels, high pressure laminate and edgeband product lines. The program has continued to evolve with market needs, and Wilsonart announced in February that it had purchased a former Roseburg Forest Products’ plant for producing thermally fused laminate components in Oxford, Mississippi.

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Alternative Materials Hit the Big Time

Among the many interesting engineered materials in EuroCraft Cabinets’ ever-evolving product mix are two lines of composite five-piece doors from industry giant Conestoga Wood Specialties.

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Canadian design firm likes what it learns about TFL

The team at Design TWG starts with a vision when it approaches a project.

“Our vision is to be able to successfully transform our clients’ dreams into reality,” said Hemen Modi, Design TWG’s principal designer.

More and more frequently, that vision includes thermally fused laminate, and that TFL is from Uniboard.

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