From Vision to Reality

Surface & Panel Symposium Sets Stage for mHouse Experience

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Surface Design Guide 2016

Each year, Surface & Panel magazine asks the industry’s leading decorative surfacing companies to share their latest designs and material advances. The resulting Surface Design Guide is a showcase of the trends and technologies that are shaping the marketplace. Beyond beautiful, this guide is intended to inspire specifiers and fabricators alike to understand what resources are available to create the best possible solutions.

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Paperlogic & the Mother of Reinvention

Weird and wondrous things happen when pulpwood, the core ingredient of d├ęcor paper, is manipulated at the molecular level.

By Rich Christianson

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Two Tough and Fashionable Finishes

Among the many options for finishing MDF, two of the most durable are two-component polyurethane and powder coating. These two methods are worlds apart in their resin chemistry, process application and curing. Yet both can effectively render attractive coatings that will hold up well in high-demand spaces ranging from kitchens and offices to laboratories and retail stores.

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Simowood Success Story

SIMONA had an especially keen interest in the success of its SIMOWOOD on the exterior of the recently completed mHouse in Watertown, Wisconsin.

By Scott W. Angus

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Creating Lean, Clean Health Care Environments through Integrated Project Delivery

DIRTTbags … and proud of it

DIRTT may sound like a weird name for a building products company, but employees of DIRTT are proud of their moniker as DIRTTbags and their dedication to a company whose acronym stands for Doing It Right This Time.

By Leah Wheeler

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Tomorrow's Modern Home

The last time a publishing company commissioned the building of the “new American home” was when Art & Architecture magazine sponsored the Case Study Houses program in 1945. As the post-World War II building boom was under way, the Case Study Houses program revealed a glimpse of the future in residential construction. An intense postwar demand for housing was evident, but what to build and in what style was unclear. Art & Architecture enlisted numerous architects to design and construct these homes of the future. Each of them embraced the International Style of modern design.

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S&P staff brings experience, focus together to inform, influence

When I worked in newspapers, we called every edition “the daily miracle.” In many ways, it was miraculous that we produced a paper full of new content every day, without fail, and almost always on time.

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